The Ultimate Survival Guide to Kitchen Renovation

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Remodels

Renovations are exciting but can be a nightmare. A kitchen renovation is one of the largest and most inconvenient renovation projects to get through.

Here’s what you need to know to survive a kitchen renovation.

Create a mini kitchen

Most people overlook the idea of living where they’re renovating. Think about it: to be without a kitchen, especially for a family, can build tension within a house.

Create your own mini kitchen. Make a list of all the things you use daily such as cookware, utensils, spices, tableware, pet bowls, and cleaning supplies.

Then find a spot away from the kitchen dust and build your mini kitchen there. Add a few tubs and stacking shelves to keep things organized.

Think of the contents as your survival kit: all the tools and supplies that will support your household’s daily tasks.

Mini kitchen basics

Add a coffee station to your mini kitchen. Hot drinks are comforting and you’re going to need all the comfort you can get.

If you’re able to, set up your mini kitchen in a spot with running water. A mudroom, laundry room, or even garage would be perfect.

If those aren’t an option, a container in the bathtub will do the trick when you need water.

Have a cooler handy to keep your food and drinks cool during the renovation. If this won’t do, try investing in a mini-fridge for the duration of the project.

Create a cooking station. Set aside two of your old cabinets and lay a piece of plywood over top to make a countertop. If you’re not replacing your cabinets, a folding table will do.

Your cooking area will depend on your eating habits. If you eat out a lot, you can get by with just a microwave for heating leftovers.

Don’t forget to-go items and a junk drawer

Be sure to make a box designed for the essential supplies. This includes water bottles, food-storage containers, sandwich bags, and napkins. These are what keep your daily routines going.

Finally, something that gets overlooked in a temporary kitchen is a “junk drawer.” This tends to hold an assortment of pens, note pads, envelopes, stamps, scissors, tape, etc.

We call it a junk drawer, but the random assortment of stuff is needed daily.

If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, take a minute to think about what you use daily that you won’t have access to and plan accordingly.