Important Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Kitchen

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Remodels

Thinking about a kitchen renovation can be both exciting and dreadful. Whether you’re gutting the space or making simple cosmetic improvements, you’ll need to be ready to make a handful of decisions. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll have to look at it for years to come. How do you know if you are making the right or wrong choice?

Before you start fantasizing over farmhouse sinks and tearing out your cupboards, you should ask yourself basic questions to get a sense of your priorities. Here are a few to get you started.

What are my goals?

Ask yourself this – what are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking for a cosmetic update or to be less isolated from the rest of your family members?

Think about what annoys you about your kitchen. This will help get you started on what changes you wish to make.

I’m sure you want it all! Try to remain realistic. Do you truly need a full-on chef’s kitchen, or do you simply want a fresh look? Get laser-focused on your priorities. This will affect how your entire kitchen renovation unfolds, including how much it costs!

What’s my budget?

Before you fall head over heels in love with pricey appliances or a new layout, know what you can afford. It’s easy to have your dream kitchen picked out, the hard part is determining your budget.

To help guide you on what kind of kitchen reno you can afford, share a ballpark budget with a professional. This can help give a good sense of what you can do now and what might have to wait until later. Often, a kitchen remodel can be done in stages to achieve your dream kitchen based on what you can afford.

Where can I cut corners?

Is your dream kitchen beyond your budget? There are different areas of a kitchen reno that offers a little wiggle room. These areas include materials, layout, cabinets, and backsplash.

Materials, such as countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc., all vary in price. This is instrumental in staying within budget. Pick out materials that meet your wants but fit your wallet.

If you’re looking to change your kitchen layout, you’ll probably need a higher budget. Staying as close to your current layout as possible is less costly.

You don’t always have to buy all new cabinets. Refacing cabinetry changes the whole feel of a kitchen for a much smaller cost than total cabinet replacement. You can even do it yourself!

Backsplash can add taste to your kitchen for a low cost. In fact, most large home maintenance stores carry DIY backsplashes.

Am I prepared?

Even if you know exactly what you want and you have the means to pay for it, there is still plenty to mentally prepare for! Are you ready?

Be prepared to be uncomfortable during the remodel. Things will be demolished and out of place. Remember that your kitchen won’t be functioning normally while under construction.

Keep track of all documents and receipts. Keeping good records will save you the hassle if you ever decide to sell your home.

Sometimes a kitchen has good bones, and you’ll only want small changes. If that’s the case, you can save a ton of money by using subcontractors. For example, if you just want to update your counters, you can hire a granite company as opposed to a full-on contractor.

Get prepared and ask yourself these questions before jumping right in.