How To Renovate A Home Today

by | May 11, 2022 | Remodels

Renovating a home is not an easy process. And adding a pandemic to the mix doesn’t make it any less challenging.

Tradespeople are overbooked, and supply chain shortages are on the way. So how do you renovate a home in today’s world? Read further to learn more.

How to renovate a home today

In the past, home improvement projects were a straight line. After deciding what you want, you’d gather bids to find the best match in terms of professionals and price.

But today, you must go a step further. Most professionals today believe that having just one plan in mind is not enough to get through the process without any bumps.

With the current supply chain issues, it’s essential to have a backup plan. Having a Plan B, in the beginning, will save you time when you cannot get the exact flooring you want.

Be sure to check prices and suppliers. This way, you’re ready to pounce if a shortage happens.

New rules vs. old rules

Part of the project planning process is to get bids from different contractors.

An old rule to this process was that clients had their pick of available contractors. However, today, contractors have their selection of interested clients.

Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes at Belgard, states that “Homeowners almost have to ‘sell’ themselves to the contractor and prove they’re a client worth prioritizing”.

You should still vet each contractor and get multiple bids on your project. But once you’ve found the right fit, don’t wait! Book that project.

Prepare your budget for additional costs

Traditionally, when setting a budget for a home renovation, you leave room for contingencies. But in today’s world, you should set aside even more.

Why should you do this? Because of supply chain issues. Lumber isn’t the only material with rising prices. Glass, electric components, and structural steel have also been affected.

To avoid running dry on funds, allocate a 30% cushion over the estimated price tag.

Be patient

On top of making materials more costly, supply chain issues will most likely affect the time it takes to complete your project.

Patience and flexibility are essential during the process.

While a good contractor will be honest and communicate about the potential challenges, you’ll need to work with them to create a realistic timeline.

Keep in mind that the timeline will likely be longer than you might expect.

Take it step-by-step

Home renovations can alter a home. You might lose access to a favorite room or even the kitchen. You’ll have to live with noise, dust, and plastic taped up to doorways.

That’s why most think to get it all done at once. But that’s not always the brightest idea. It’s wise to pick and choose which renovations you do now and which ones you save for later.

This is an example of good things that come to those who wait. And with those good things come lower costs and fewer delays.