How To: Make a Room Bigger Without Renovation

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

Sometimes, homeowners are not quite yet willing to take on a huge structural renovation. However, the need to make their cramped living space feel less confined can be overwhelming.

Believe it or not, there are many ways to visually increase the size of a space without having to increase the footprint of your home!

Read further to find out what just a few of them are:

Vertical hack

An illusion “hack” that some may not know about is to use vertical lines to make a room more spacious.

Vertical lines draw the eye upwards and appear to lengthen the size of a room.

To use this hack, you can install shiplap or wallpaper with vertical stripes.

Additionally, a pendant light fixture will also create this grand illusion.

Less is more

Furniture without fabric that touches the floor allows you to see underneath and around the legs. The same goes for bench seating at your dining table.

This creates a more open feel surrounding the chair or couch. Instead of dominating the space they are occupying, they are accentuating it.

Additional pieces of furniture that can achieve this look are glass coffee tables and side tables.

Lighten up a bit!

Did you know that light reflects off white surfaces? Because of this scientific discovery, painting your walls white allows more light to enter your room and make it appear larger.

To further play on this tip, try painting your ceiling, trim, and doors a similar shade of white as well.

Be mindful of accents

By using a lot of small décor items, you are making your space feel cluttered and cramped.

Try utilizing larger accent pieces such as large vases or an oversized art canvas. Even opting for a love seat versus two smaller chairs will make your living area appear less busy.

Switch up your layout

Sometimes a room can feel too small because your furniture has been so sedentary for years.

Try moving the couch to the opposite wall if you can. Or even create a central layout by not having your furniture up against the wall.

Often when furniture is touching a wall it becomes one with the wall and shortens your space and draws the eye to the wall instead of the room itself.

Now that you have an idea of what tips and tricks to use to make your space look bigger, read more about ways to actively save space as well!