How-To Guide For Decorating a Small Space

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

Sometimes less is more, and that statement also applies to the way we live. Most of our clients wish to remodel or add onto their existing space to make it more open or larger.

However, it is not uncommon for a client to be satisfied with their square footage and only wish for modern upgrades.

In fact, smaller historic homes with charm and character coupled with modernized renovations takes up its own chunk in our portfolio!

So, we wrote all about what comes after the renovation. Read further on how to decorate your small space to maximize its potential.

Working double time

Furniture that serves a dual purpose is a must in a small house.

Murphy beds or day beds allow you additional floor space in a bedroom when needed. Lift-top coffee tables or nesting tables will give you more entertaining space when hosting guests. Or more room to spread out your Chinese takeout and wine to accompany your Netflix binge, we won’t judge.

There are so many options that will help your space not only shine but function as well. A quick web search for “multipurpose furniture” should inspire the interior decorator within you!

What takes priority?

A king-size bed or an 8-seater dining table may not be something that fits your needs.

If these are priority items for you, think about where you can sacrifice to fit these large furniture items into your floor plan.

Flanking either side of your king-size bed – try installing simple floating shelves that act as a nightstand, and wall sconces. This maximizes your space instead of buying a large double drawer nightstand that impedes on the room you have.

Items that would normally be stored in these drawers can be put into easy-to-access storage baskets underneath the bed.

As for that large dining table, it may be smart to invest in an expanding table. All you do is pull it out when its time to entertain and borrow chairs from other rooms in the house.

Bench seating and stools that can fully be pushed underneath your dining table will also give you more room to move freely around your dining space.

The heart of the home

And by the heart, we mean the kitchen. The way to one’s heart is through the stomach after all, right?

You can also use multi-purpose items in your kitchen as well. Think all-in-one appliances such as coffee makers that brew single-serve, full pots, iced and hot drinks, lattes, tea, and more!

Another favorite is the brand new three-in-one InstantPot® air-fryer, and pressure cooker combos that have been hitting shelves. By condensing your three largest countertop appliances into one, you have already saved half your kitchen space!

Many smaller homes also lack pantry space. To combat this, see if there may be space you can borrow from an adjoining room to place a sleek and simple pantry cabinet.

Lastly, chances are you have unutilized wall space in your kitchen where a cabinet cannot be placed, but open shelving can. Place your pretty china and mugs on these shelves to free up cabinet space!