When the latest design trends hit the market the areas of the home that receive the most love are the common areas like, the kitchen, the living room, and the patio. However, when it comes to the bedroom our inner designer goes out the window. We spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom so it’s surprising that we push it so far down on our to do list. So when choosing a paint color it is important to know which direction you want to go in. Do you want something that is fun and quirky or calm and tranquil? If you are having some trouble deciding which direction to go in, we have provided a list of the year’s most popular paint colors.


It is more common these days people are going with spa colors in the master bedroom. Gray pretty much goes with anything. It is a tranquil hue that you don’t have to worry about becoming oppressive or making the room feel smaller.

Taupe or Beige

If you want the tranquility of a gray color but want the room to still feel warm, go with a taupe or beige color. unlike in the past brown shades are not muddy and dull, in fact, they are being used more and more often. It is the perfect blend of warmth and sophistication.


If you want your room to look like it has been kissed by the sun yellow may be the way to go. Yellow is often associated with happiness, whether you use it as an accent color or paint the walls it is a great color to bring brightness and happiness to the room.

Pale Blue

For the bedroom, you want the main color to create a soothing vibe that is ideal for sleeping. So use more daring shades with a pop of color. It is hard to go wrong with a light blue in the master or guest room.