Wood-Look Tile Vs. Hardwood: Which Type of Flooring Is Better?

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Remodels

If you love the look of wood flooring but the cost is too much, then wood-look tile is a smart alternative.

Read more to learn the pros and cons of wood-look tile to determine whether it’s the right flooring for you.

What is wood-like tile?

It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a tile that looks a lot like wood, at least from a distance.

Wood-look tile, which can also go on walls in bathrooms, comes in ceramic and porcelain.

Obviously, it’s not real wood, but it comes with unique advantages. The biggest being the cost.

According to, ceramic tile runs between $2-$8 per square foot. While porcelain averages anywhere from $4-$12 per square foot, with installation averaging about $5 per square foot.

In comparison, real hardwood flooring averages about $5-$10 per square foot with installation running an additional $4-$8 per square foot.

Pros of wood-like tile

Taking cost out of the picture, wood-like tile holds many advantages.

If you’re a homeowner looking to refurbish a property in Florida’s humid climate, you should consider wood-like tile.

Our Sunshine State features moist, humid climates and pests can wreak havoc on improperly installed natural wood or laminate.

Whereas tile is simple to install, waterproof, and still gives the wood appearance. Tile is also more durable and doesn’t harbor allergens as wood and carpet do.

Cons of wood-like tile

With advantages, there are always disadvantages. Like any tile, wood-look will have grout lines. This requires special care if you want to keep them looking their best.

Another con with tile is it can feel cold on your bare feet and get slippery when wet. And while tile is durable and lasts a lifetime, so can hardwood floors if it’s properly taken care of.

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If you’re thinking of making a change to the flooring in your home, consider all the pros and cons. Determine what your overall goal is and decide which flooring is right for you.