When To Do Home Upgrades: Now or Before You Sell?

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Remodels

When selling your home, it is encouraged that you undergo some home upgrades to appeal to buyers. But when is the best time to implement these home improvements?

There are some upgrades that are better left for right before the home sale to avoid the risk of them looking outdated. However, other renovations may be best suited to allow you time to enjoy them.

This is our guide for when you should make certain home upgrades sooner, and when you can hold off.

Seven to ten years out

It may seem a bit crazy to be planning on selling your home so far out, but it happens. Sometimes you know the home you are purchasing is not your forever home, but just the one you will reside in until your family grows.

These are four suggestions that will save you some trouble in the long run.

  1. Redo your landscaping

This is a home improvement project that truly gets better with age. Mature landscaping is becoming increasingly popular with home buyers.

By updating your landscaping, you are giving your greenery a chance to start over and thrive over the years. However, it is advised that you stay away from harder to maintain items such as ponds and temperamental plants. These do not benefit your resale value since most home buyers will not want to maintain such spaces.

  1. Install a new garage door

Your garage door plays a huge part in the curb appeal of your home. This is the easiest way to make it appear as if your home got an exterior makeover.

Since garage doors typically last up to 40 years, there is no need to wait until right before the sale of your house.

  1. Replace your roof

The rule of thumb states that you should replace your roof every 20 years. A new roof is a huge selling point, but due to the longevity of a new roof, you will not have to worry about depreciation by replacing it years before your house hits the market.

  1. Repairs

As smaller repairs come up on your “to do” list, it is important to tend to them right away, so they do not become bigger issues down the road.

5 years out

This is a good time to look into pricier updates, so you will not have to pay for everything all at once.

  1. Replace major systems

This includes, but is not limited to, your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. These systems endure daily wear and tear, so, it is appealing to a buyer to see a new A/C unit that was installed only 5 years ago.

A huge plus is that you now have five years to enjoy these new systems and the energy savings that may come with the improvements.

  1. Look at your warranty items

Most windows and appliances have a warranty on them. Check to see when these expire so you have ample time to replace anything if needed.

2 years out

This is the best time to cover your bases. Two years goes by quickly so be sure to tackle these projects now rather than later.

  1. Renovate the bathroom or kitchen

The trick to making sure that a renovation does not become outdated in a year or two, is to use design trends that have been relevant for a few years already. It is more likely the trend will stick around for a decade versus a new trend like colored cabinets or intricate tile patterns.

  1. Organize

This is probably the most dreaded task on a homeowner’s list. By cleaning and decluttering closets, attics, and cabinets now, you will thank yourself once the rush of a home sale springs upon you.

This will allow you more time to tackle any unforeseen updates that may come up during a home inspection.

1 year or less

The easiest way to determine what you must update in this time frame is to tend to the high traffic areas.

It is best to refinish your floors and replace the carpet that is worn down. And finally, the biggest home upgrade is to repaint your house. The exterior may not need it but the biggest way to make your home look brand new is with a fresh coat of paint on your walls.