When Is The Best Time to Paint Your House Exterior?

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

We all know a house interior can be painted during any time of the year. But what about a house exterior?

The great outdoors is far from a controlled climate and paint is sensitive when it comes to humidity and temperature.

To ensure your painting project runs smoothly and is as successful as possible, consider these tips for painting around the seasons.

Painting in the summer

When most people consider painting their home’s exterior, the summer season usually comes to mind.

Rain chances are not as likely, and the weather is not too harsh. However, this time of year in one part of the country might not mean the same thing in others.

Here in Florida, the summer season is hot, humid, and sets a precedent for hurricane season.

Also, extreme heat can prematurely cure your paint. Meaning, it will dry almost instantly as you are applying it.

Painting in the fall

The worst time to paint your home is when the temperature greatly fluctuates.

Fall time in Florida can often mean 80-degree temperatures during the day and 50-degree temperatures at night. Paint often dries unevenly during these shifts.

It is also important to note that hurricane season in Florida runs until early fall. Rain and wind are certainly a cause for disaster for any outdoor project.

Painting during winter

The Florida winter season can be a bit unpredictable as shifts in temperature can be even more dramatic than those experienced in the fall.

While a Florida cold front usually means comfortable 60-degree weather, these cold fronts are often known to bring heavy amounts of rain as well.

Painting in the spring

In Florida, late spring is probably your best bet for painting the exterior of your home: after the April showers have sufficed, and before it gets too blisteringly hot.

You will want to paint on a day with low humidity since paint should be applied to dry surfaces only.

If it has rained recently, always wait a full day before painting. The house might not feel wet to the touch, but exteriors can be porous and retain water within.

Additionally, dew tends to form overnight, so mid-day would be the best time to complete your project.

Now that you have a better idea of when to paint your home’s exterior, make sure you are not going at it alone! This is a hefty and meticulous project, so you will want to hire a professional.

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