Timeless Kitchen Trends To Use During Your Renovation

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Remodels

If you have chosen to embark upon a kitchen renovation, you may have heard the term “timeless” kitchen finishes.

This term is exactly as it sounds – upgrades that will stand the test of time.

The trends and elements you choose to remodel your kitchen with should represent your personal style but still allow for years of use and enjoyment before they are outdated.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen upgrades that continue to stay on trend year after year:


Quartz countertops gained popularity as the slightly cheaper but still durable and attractive counterpart to marble.

They are resistant to acidic stains but still give the appearance of a sleek, stone look.

Read more here about quartz countertops and how they stack up against competing countertop materials.

Let there be light

We aren’t talking light fixtures. We mean keeping your space as bright and white as possible!

Not only does the color white represent cleanliness (which is majorly important in your kitchen) but light reflects off of white and makes your space appear brighter and larger.

Your walls, cabinets, and countertops are all good places to incorporate this squeaky-clean color palette.

You can add pops of color on fixtures, hardware, curtains, and kitchen décor.

Eco-friendly touches

You can not go wrong with mixing in sustainable materials that are both environmentally friendly and accent your kitchen.

Reclaimed wood, bamboo cutting boards, and dish brushes, and replacing plastic with glass wherever possible are all ways to incorporate this evergreen trend.

Dark floors

While we touched earlier on using white paint to brighten your space, it is just as important to add contrast.

Dark floors will really pop against white walls and cabinetry and add a much-needed balance.

This will also help your kitchen to still feel cozy and clean at the same time.

Read more about flooring options here.


Playing with woods, tile, stone, greenery, and woven materials is a sure-fire way to add dimension and interest during your next kitchen remodel.

Consider different types of backsplash, shiplap, mixed metal finishes, and wood essences.