The Future of Home Design Post COVID-19

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Remodels

We have faced so many changes in the last couple of months, from work, school, travel, and much more. Amidst shelter in place orders, we are learning more and more what we would like to see in our home. It is not just a place to hang your hat anymore, it embodies family and togetherness.

Here, we discuss home design trends we anticipate homeowners embracing long after the affects of the virus wears off.


With the increasing anxiety surrounding germs and bacteria, household members may be more reluctant in sharing such personal quarters.

A lot goes on in the bathroom, and it may be more sanitary to incorporate a half bath for guests or a double vanity for couples. This is especially helpful now that there is a strong focus on hand washing.

While we’re on the bathroom subject, a rise in bidet purchases are more likely than you may think. What first started as a joke following toilet paper shortages, has turned into an actual desire for some individuals.


Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, it has long been recommended to remove your shoes at the door to minimize dirt and germs from being tracked into the home. Extra attention has also been placed on ditching your keys, purses, bags, and coats at the door as well since they have now been exposed to outside elements.

This can be accomplished by extending your entryway to incorporate a mudroom. Even just adding a piece of furniture with seating, storage, and hooks built in will make a huge difference.

Kitchen storage

During quarantine, many may have found a new love for cooking. Not only are they realizing how much money it saves, but it provides more quality time with other members of the household.

With the spike in homemade meals, along with more people buying in bulk to limit their grocery store trips, extra fridge and pantry space may be needed. Additional fridges and freezer units are likely to be sought after and placed in garages or on patios.


Aside from their trendy quality, brass and copper knobs and fixtures may become more desirable to homeowners.

Architect Kobi Karp says, “Copper is one of the best for its antimicrobial properties and has been used for decades in plumbing—and brass and bronze are also very popular because of their inherent ability to kill germs, plus over time they give a desirable rustic look.”

Home offices

Those who did not have a spare room or nook to call an office before are certainly begging for one now. It is important, more so now than ever, to have a separate quiet space to focus and work.

Even when we all return to our offices, a separate space designated for just one’s self may be needed for those days when you just need to close off from everything.