Paint Maintenance That Will Keep Your Home Like New

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Miscellaneous

You just painted your home, and the results are everything you imagined. Your home looks like new and you wish it would stay this way forever.

So, how do you keep it like this? Read more to find out these tips and tricks on how to maintain your paint so your home looks amazing for years to come.

 What type of paint should you choose?

The key to a long-lasting paint job is the prepping and priming, and the paint itself.

Choosing the right paint finish is substantial in preventing future problems. These problems include damage from sunlight, water, moisture, and temperature.

Here are some tips:

  • Sunlight and moisture can cause tint loss. Take note that latex paint tends to resist the effects of direct sunlight better than oil-based or alkyd paints.
  • A change in moisture levels can sometimes cause wood to expand and contrast, causing cracks in the paint. Permeable or breathable latex paint allows water to vaporize and escape before damage can occur.
  • Temperature changes can also put your paint under stress. Choose paints with superior adhesive flexibility. Top-quality acrylic latex paint is an excellent choice for areas with frequent freeze cycles.

When it comes to exterior paint, choose wisely. If you decide to cheap out, you might pay for it in the long run. The best exterior paints hold their color twice as long and resist peeling and blistering.

The term “best” depends on the environment. You will need to match the quality of paint products with the environment it will be used in.

Take time to understand the paint, doing so will help you pick the proper selection for specific areas of your home.

How to do touch-ups

No matter the amount of prepping and painting, eventually the paint will always show signs of wear. However, doing touch-ups is not as easy grabbing the same color and cover as needed.

This is because different factors, like temperature changes, have changed the color of the paint on the walls and it is likely the same color will not match.

Experts say the trick is to dilute the same paint color with a bit of water or paint thinner by 5%-10%. If you do not have the same color on hand, take a chipping to your local hardware store and they will be able to match it!

How to keep your walls clean

Washing your painted walls often can help keep them in good shape. The trick is to be gentle. Too much water or friction can ruin the paint finish.

Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild, soapy water. Wipe the walls in a circular motion, putting light pressure on the wall. Use a degreasing dish soap for the tougher spots. When you are done, rinse with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue from the wall.

Overall, painting your home can be a big investment.

Repainting is always an option, but with the right techniques and maintenance, an original paint job will look fresh for years!