Organize Your Pantry Like a Pro

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Whether you have a dedicated cabinet to store your dry goods or a huge walk-in pantry, we all can admit we may need a little help when it comes to organizing the clutter.

Blogs and companies dedicated to professional organization have been the latest trend and we are here to tell you: you can do it yourself!

Here are tips and tricks on how to organize an Instagram-worthy pantry so you never have to scavenge for that box of crackers again.

Fresh start

The easiest way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to start with a blank canvas.

Take every item out of your pantry and set it on your countertops in groups.

So, baking supplies, canned goods, snack items, sweet treats, boxed items, and so on.

While you are at it, toss anything that is expired!

Shelve your heart out

Let’s talk shelving. Ideally, you would have shelving that is deep enough to fit the standard 12-inch storage basket.

Also, adjustable shelves are a must for taller items and for needs that may change over time.

If you are using a section of kitchen cabinets to store your pantry items, putting down some shelf liner may also be a good idea.

Category is…

The main reason why your current pantry situation may be chaotic is that nothing is being put back in a set spot.

By creating zones within your pantry, every family member will know where each item belongs and where to look for it next.

A breakfast section could feature cereal, oatmeal, syrup, breakfast bars, and pancake mixes.

I just can’t contain it

Containers and bins offer you the best space utilization while also providing an aesthetic picture.

Cereals can be put into clear cereal containers so that children are able to see which type it is, and you will know when you are low and need to purchase more.

Loose items can go into labeled bins so that way they are not free-floating on shelves, but they have a designated spot.

Baking items can also be stored in clear containers such as these.

Get creative

Another great space solution is to use lazy susans or turntables for your baking oils, spices, or other items that tend to grow a collection that is hard to navigate.

Stackable units and over-the-door organizers are also good space savers!

Now you should have a good idea of where to start on your pantry organization journey. Soon enough you will have friends and family commenting #PantryGoals!