We are heading straight for the holiday season and many people are chomping at the bit to start cooking and shopping. However, before you buy the perfect turkey or break out the flannel pajamas check out these steps to ensure your home is ready for winter.

Block Out Small Pests

Thankfully in Florida, we don’t have to put up with snow and ice, however, it does get quite cold in Florida. So when the temperature starts to drop rodents and other creepy crawlies seek out a warm place to live. To ensure your home doesn’t take on unwelcome residences give your house a once over and seal up any holes you find. If you find a hole try using putty, flexible brick, or concrete caulking to patch holes.

Check Smoke Detectors

Thanksgiving is kind of infamous for being the holiday for most kitchen fires in the U.S. So going into this season it is a good idea to check your smoke detectors to ensure they work. This will help protect everyone in your house from your iffy cooking skills. To test your smoke detector just press the “test” button on your alarm, and ensure it sounds. Then change the batteries, which should be done every year.

Replace Your Weatherstripping

Check your windows and doors for any small gaps in weatherstripping and caulk. Turn the lights off, and run a light along your windows to illuminate cracks. Take your existing weatherstripping to the store to ensure you buy the right replacement.

Plumbing Check

Like I mentioned before a lot can go wrong in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, but don’t forget your bathroom. Now is a great time to check your plumbing and make sure your pipes are clear before the holidays come around. It is best to call in a professional for a preholiday inspection since drain cleaning during the holidays gets a little more expensive.

Get Ready For Visitors

If you are planning on entertaining this year for the holidays, this is a great time to start preparing. Launder the guest linens, stock up on toiletries, and give everything a good cleaning.

If you follow all these tips your home will be perfectly prepared for the winter and holiday season!