Building a new home that is all your own is a very exciting and rewarding process. However, not everything is fun and games. There are some very serious roadblocks that you could face if you are not careful in your decisions and planning process.

These following tips will help you to streamline the home building process and avoid any possible mistakes.

Hire a Real Estate agent

Homebuyers may tend to think it is unnecessary to hire a Real Estate agent when building a new home. Usually, this is because many contracting companies provide a sales representative to assist with the sale. However, this representative holds the developer’s interest above all others.

A Real Estate agent will work on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Additionally, the builder pays their commission, so their help comes at no cost to you.

Research, research, research

We cannot stress this next step enough. Do your research. And when you think you’re done researching, do some more!

When looking into buying a brand-new car, you don’t just settle on the first model that sparks your interest. You look up several options at several dealers, compare rates, specifications, and features, and then ask around to see who the best car salesperson is that your peers recommend. Why would you do anything differently for, likely, your largest investment yet?

Read more about how to pick the right contractor for your home construction project.

Read between the lines

Your purchase contracts provided by your builder will differ from your other Real Estate documents. This is why it is important to hire an agent, and probably one who has had experience in helping clients buy new construction homes.

Your agent should be able to navigate the verbiage in the paperwork and explain the fine print in layman’s terms. If anything does not appear to be in your best interest, your Real Estate agent can write an addendum to protect you. This step also includes reviewing the warranties included in your contract.

Inspection time

Building a new construction home is undoubtedly a different process than when you purchase a previously built home. It is recommended to have two home inspections preformed, whereas a previously built home only requires one.

These inspections should take place before the drywall is put up, and then after the home is complete. That way you can catch any errors earlier on, which will save a possibly time-consuming repair.

Complete several walk-throughs

Walk through the home many times throughout the process of your home build. There might be small details that you catch that the contractors may be oblivious to. After all, you know what you want better than anyone else. And if you see something you want to change or replace, read more about change orders to see how this may affect your project and your budget.