Laundry Room Remodel: 5 Essential Items

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Remodels

The laundry room is often the most overlooked room in a home. After all, no one enjoys washing and folding clothes. So why would anyone think to turn a laundry room into a luxury oasis?

It is exactly for this reason that your laundry room probably deserves a little more attention. Creating a functional and relaxing laundry space will greatly enhance your laundry efforts. Here are a few easy and effective ways to improve your laundry space.

Comfortable flooring

This is an essential part of the remodel process because the flooring in a laundry room receives a lot of traffic and wear and tear. Avoid installing solid hardwood as it does not hold up well to excess moisture.

A good option would be to install luxury vinyl planking or ceramic tile. A current popular trend in laundry rooms is to incorporate patterned tile to add a pop of color or design. This helps to keep the space feeling fresh and spa-like.

Bright lighting

A single ceiling light usually does not cut it when it comes to adequate lighting in a laundry room. Doing laundry is not only a chore, but somewhat of a project as well. You need to be able to correctly identify articles of clothing, detergents, supplies, and other items.

Recessed lighting and track lighting are great options to expand your light to encompass the whole space. If your laundry room has cabinetry, it would also be a good idea to install under-cabinet lights.

Try to stay away from fluorescent lighting as it can make the space appear cold and unpleasant.

Folding surfaces

Many laundry rooms lack the counter space to fold your clothing. The reason for this is that some laundry spaces are just that – spaces. To incorporate more living space in the home, the washer and dryer are often placed in a corner or closet, instead of a designated room.

To combat this space issue, if you have front-loading machines, you can create a waterfall countertop. This involves three pieces of wood being joined to create a “U-shape” counter that wraps over the top of the machines.

Another option would be to install a hinged table that folds down from the wall. This provides both functionality and space utilization.


If you do not have the space to install wall cabinets in your laundry space, floating shelves are a great idea to house your detergents and smaller laundry items. To turn this into a great design opportunity, place your detergent pods and dryer sheets in glass apothecary jars.

Other items can remain hidden in wicker baskets, which will add texture and a warm feel to your space.

Another D.I.Y. idea would be to install an elbow rod to your ceiling above the washer and dryer so you can hang your clothes.

Utility sink

If your laundry room allows space for a utility sink, this addition is a must. There are already water supply lines in your laundry space so installation should be a breeze. You are now able to pre-soak clothing, wash your delicate clothing by hand, and rinse away messes that you may not want to introduce to your kitchen sink.