After several years of grays and beige filling our homes more and more homeowners are allowing color back into their homes. 2018 has been predicted to be the year where jewel tones will reign supreme in home design. These bold hues like deep sapphire and regal purples can transform a room from a boring vanilla box to a lusciously rich space you never want to leave.

Designers and manufacturers are taking their cues from a shift in demand. For example, Sherwin-Williams named Oceanside SW 6496 as their 2018 color of the year. While you may be thinking that these intense colors may overpower your decor, however, jewel tone will work for just about anyone. When decorating with jewel tones, you are not limited to how you use them. They can be found in paint colors, upholstery, tile, area rugs, or accessories, it all depends on how bold you want to go.

In The Kitchen

You don’t have to gut your entire kitchen and install purple cabinetry and a teal island to get converted to the jewel-tone look. You can go bold with some easy touches by adding colorful tiles, a fresh coat of paint or a bold wallpaper to give your kitchen a nice dose of flair. The best thing about any of these methods is that you can control just how much color is being used. The entire kitchen backsplash can be a bold sapphire tile, or you can strategically use that tile for a small section behind the range, and the rest can be neutral.

In The Living Room

If you’re looking to brighten up your entire living room, a signature piece of furniture in a jewel should do the trick. Even though the jewel tones are often bold, they can work really well on an anchor piece in a living room. Specifically, an emerald green sofa in an otherwise muted space can be visually stunning.

In The Bathroom

Of all the spots in your home, the bathroom is the one where you can feel free to go crazy with color. You can incorporate jewel tones with paint or wallpaper and even vibrant floor tiles. Especially in powder rooms, where you can amp up the drama because of how small the space is. A fun floor tile is a great conversation piece and an unexpected use for a brightly colored floor tile. It looks fresh, unexpected, and gorgeous on cabinets when done correctly.

In The Bedroom

Beds, headboards, and even window treatments are great bedroom opportunities for bold jewel tones you might not use in other parts of the house. For a lot of people, the master bedroom is their sanctuary, so this will give a luxe feel to the space. Try an upholstered bed or headboard in a rich jewel-tone fabric. You could also try a jewel-tone bench or pair of vibrant lounge chairs. This will give that great pop of color without being too overwhelming.