Summer is normally the time when people decide to take on a renovation. So whether you are gutting your kitchen or getting that new master bathroom you have been pining for, you will want to make sure your contractor is insured.

Why Does My Contractor Need to be Insured?

Contractors should have both liability insurance and worker’s compensation because as a homeowner the liability insurance will protect you if your contractor causes damage to your house. Meaning that if you hire an uninsured contractor to do a bathroom renovation and they damage a pipe which causes your house to flood, you are pretty much on your own to get the damages fixed. Plus, homeowners insurance typically won’t cover damage caused by an uninsured contractor, unless you specifically purchased the in-home employee coverage. Also, if one of the contractor’s employees got injured while renovating your home and didn’t have worker’s comp. you homeowner’s insurance would have to pay that hospital bill.

How Do I Know If My Contractor Is Insured?

Never assume that a contractor is insured. Each contractor can show that they are covered by showing you a Certificate of Liability Insurance. However, it is up to you to verify that the contractor’s policy has not expired. If you hire a fairly large company to do your renovation you have a pretty safe bet that they are licensed and insured, but when you hire a friend-of-a-friend you may want to check them out before you have them tearing walls down.

McDonough Construction is a Licensed & Insured Contractor!

Fear not we are licensed and insured, but Lakeland is littered with shady contractors who are promising cheap renovations. However, what they don’t tell you is if anything goes wrong they are not held liable. The bottom line is if your contractor has insurance, mistakes that cause damage can give you a headache but you can rest assured the problem will be taken care of. However, if your contractor doesn’t have insurance and damage is caused you are in for a nightmare.