How To Save On Your Kitchen Remodel

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Remodels

Kitchen remodels tend to be the priciest type of upgrade you can make to your home. However, a kitchen remodel gives you the largest boost to your property value in comparison to other remodels.

On average, a professional kitchen remodel can cost you around $25,000 according to However, there are ways to still achieve your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.


Sometimes, those ugly outdated cabinets might just need a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. You would be surprised at how much these simple tasks can make your cabinets look brand new.

If you simply do not care for the material or surface of your cabinets, you could also opt to reface them by adding new wood or thermofoil veneer to the outside.

If neither of these options work for what you have in mind, incorporate some open shelving to cut down on costs for all new cabinetry.


This is the largest money drainer in a kitchen renovation. High end, top of the line appliances are very appealing, but make sure you are being reasonable with the functionality of what you actually need.

If you can stand to bear with the physical appearance of your current appliances, there are several marketplaces for new parts that will refurbish them and bring them new life.


Dramatically changing the layout of your kitchen will involve expensive replumbing and rewiring. Not to mention adding all-new framework.

If at all possible, try to work with the current layout of your kitchen. You can always add a kitchen island with built-in cabinetry and seating if space is a concern.


Granite and marble have become increasingly popular but can cost a pretty penny. There are several quartz and stone options that can give you a similar look for less.

Also, if you have a kitchen island, consider covering it in butcher block to help cut down on your costs.

Cutout vs. wall removal

You can save major bucks by adding a cut out instead of knocking down an entire wall. You will still open up your space without the hassle of refinishing the ceiling and floor. An added bonus: you will give your kitchen extra space since a cutout is usually combined with adding a countertop or ledge.