When remodeling your home, there can be a lot of factors to think about besides the design. There are many things that are based on cost, safety, permits, etc. It’s important to be aware of all these factors before you start the work. Consider the tips below to make sure you have an affordable and hassle-free home remodel that you can be really proud of.

Bang for your Buck

If you don’t have the budget to remodel the entire house, Consider doing one big fabulous change to your home. Deciding to open a room by removing a wall, or getting rid of the attic to build a well-lit atrium can really make a difference to your design. Although this will be a bit expensive it will add great value to the house. Primarily cost is a decisive factor and can sometimes be a real spanner in the works.

Kitchen Savings

A kitchen remodeling is one of the most expensive affairs. However, if you plan it well you can get some nifty places to save money. The important aspect of the kitchen is the countertop. A well-picked countertop can add aesthetic and efficiency to the kitchen. Although it is a home-owners dream to have a beautiful granite or marble counter, this may not always suit the budget. In case your budgets don’t accommodate engineered stone, you can also install ones in the laminate. Laminate tops are also easy to clean and can even be found in stone textures.

Get a Designer

Never underestimate the architect’s expertise. It is a reasonable and smart investment to consider paying a designer for a basic consultation on space management, they will be able to suggest well designed and suitable cabinets for your budget and space requirements. On occasion, designers are also comfortable sharing details of contractors and distributors directly so you can save costs. The designer can also provide you with 3D drawings of your space, this will allow for you to check out various color and texture options with ease and give you the confidence to finalize your decisions.

Bathroom on a Budget

It is certain that a bathroom can make a bold statement in the home. Often, a beautifully designed bathroom is a homeowner’s pride and joy. It gives the house an aspect of luxury that no other room can!

It is good to remember that when renovating the bathroom on a budget, the devil is in the details. Construction related issues like leaky shower alcoves, excess water pooling, and bad tiling work can cause structural damage to your house/ It also encourages mold growth which can be a serious health hazard.

While it is easy to be swayed by the latest design trends, ensure that you pick a design that you are able to live with for some years. Choose the storage and vanity wisely, be certain you can appreciate the look for years and the storage supports all your needs. Ascertain with your contractor or supplier that the materials are moister resistant.

Don’t skimp on proper waterproofing and plumbing, this will pay off in the long run. Bathrooms usually look great with ceramic or porcelain tiles, these also water-resistant, pick neutral colors and balance your patterns so you can live with it for a long time.


Wood or timber flooring is a much-loved option by most homeowners. If chosen wisely and with care, you take advantage and make budget-friendly decisions. For busy areas like kitchens and living rooms, choose a thick timber. Although there is a premium attached to it this will last you longer and you have the option of re-sanding and polishing in the years to come. If you have already invested in many high-end finishes for your home, choose a pre-finished flooring of good quality that will work well with your overall aesthetic. In areas like the study room, you can consider a micro-veneer timber as well to save on costs. Wood flooring is also a chance for you to think a bit sustainably. Choose a locally available wood and try to find a supplier who has a fair trading certification and also doesn’t stand for wastage.