Home Upgrades With a Poor Return on Investment

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Remodels

Renovating certain spaces in your house can add to your home’s value.

Currently, there is a strong desire in homeowners for updated bathrooms and kitchens. Because of this need, buyers may be willing to pay more for these updates.

However, which spaces are buyers not interested in focusing on? Read further to find out!

Enlarging a master suite

The size of a master bedroom is not a concern for most people as most of their time is spent in the living areas of the home.

Remodeling Magazine states that this type of project can cost you around $136,739 with an ROI rate of only 58.5%.

A good tool to use to figure out how these rates are affected in your area is the Cost vs. Value Report.

Swimming pool

You may think that living in the Sunshine State makes owning a pool a perk but think again.

Swimming pools come with higher electricity bills and maintenance and upkeep costs.

Additionally, some families may be nervous about owning a pool with little ones around who could potentially wander off and fall in.

According to HomeAdvisor, the national cost of installing an in-ground pool is $27,888.

Investopedia wrote that having a pool will only boost the value of your home by a maximum of 7% in certain circumstances.


Replacing or adding carpeting may not be the best idea. Wood and tile floors have long been the preferred standard to boost your home’s appeal.

Homeowners find that tile and wood are easier to maintain and a rug can easily be added on top for that desired cushion.

Hobby specific upgrades

We usually recommend turning a spare bedroom into a flex space. This is somewhere that you can work on your hobby, but the room can function as a bedroom as well.

Sure, a room that has been completely blacked out to serve as a home theater may be cool to you, but it can turn off some buyers who do not have that need.

If it is your dream to have this space in your home though, go for it! Just do not expect it to add value to your home.

The same goes for wine cellars, sunrooms, saunas, atriums, pizza ovens, and more.

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