DIY Living Room Projects to Complete During Quarantine

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

In this time of social distancing, you’ve probably been spending more time than usual inside of your home. So, it’s safe to say you’ve probably noted some areas that may need a little sprucing up. Now your days consist of Netflix binges and family game night – every night.

It may seem like your living room is dulling out, but with these DIY’s, you can stay productive and turn your living space from drab to fab!

Blank slate

We don’t mean to clear out all of your furniture, but by performing a good spring cleaning, you will be able to accurately assess what your living room may be lacking.

Tidy and organize all of the items that belong in the living room and return those items that do not belong to their rightful spot. Now you can begin the dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and Windex-ing.

After all this is done, determine what would make the space come alive. Does it need more or less? Is it as simple as replacing your pillows and maybe a rug, or is it time to finally say goodbye to that decade old couch?


Lighting is the smallest change that can make the biggest impact. Simply swapping out your lightbulbs for LED bulbs can make the world of a difference, as well as promote energy efficiency.

DIY: If your lampshades are a canvas or fabric like material, use some fabric paint to add some color or a fun design to switch things up.

Wall art

Hanging up a gallery wall is a sure way to liven up any space. Not only are you showcasing precious memories and artwork, but a gallery wall is a great option to replace an accent wall. If you already have a gallery wall, try rehanging all of your frames to come up with a fresh and new combination!

DIY: This is a fun one for all the parents out there. Break out those paints and watercolors and have a freestyle family painting session! You now have your very own abstract paintings made with love to add to your gallery wall. Artwork is so important to incorporate in a gallery wall to help break up all the faces and add variety.

Rearrange and restyle

You may not be able to get out and go searching for new décor items and furniture pieces, so you will have to work with what you already have. Try a new setup by moving around your couch and chairs or restyling your bookshelves.

DIY: Bring new life to something old. Make new book covers with colored pieces of paper or wallpaper samples to add pattern and color to your shelves. If you are more neutral person, you can opt for switching the books around so only the pages show.

Additionally, add a nice pop to your shelves by spray painting trinkets and vases in your favorite metallic color. Or, if you’re really bold, spray paint the shelves!

The possibilities are endless, but after all, you have the time on your hands now more than ever. So, break out those paintbrushes and get to work!