Outdoor rooms and firepits are all the rage these days and for good reason! Outdoor entertaining is the best and a great way to break in the summer. So one of the many ways to liven up your outdoor living area is to build a backyard bar shed. We break down how you can turn your existing shed into your neighborhoods favorite Friday night hot spot!

Claim an Outbuilding

The first thing you are going to need is a shed. If you already have one in your backyard clean up it up a little bit and make sure you have enough alternative storage space. If you don’t have anywhere else to store your landscaping equipment, it would be a good idea to get another shed.

Plan for Elbow Room

Factor in size, because a really small shed probably won’t be ideal for a bar. Think about how many people you plan to host on a regular basis, as well as your ideal seating. Keep in mind that your local building department might have a size restriction on backyard sheds built without a permit. Around 120 sq ft is usually a safe bet.

Consider the Bar Shed’s Location

If you already have a shed, you might want to relocate it away from a child’s bedroom. Also, it would be a good idea to leave enough room to set up tables and chairs near the bar area. This would create a little outdoor entertaining area perfect for summer nights.

Pick A Bar Theme

Start by considering the basics when designing the interior of your bar shed. Meaning flooring, wall paneling, and paint. then decide on the vibe you’re going for, Tiki, pub, lounge, dive, beach, or sports bar to name a few ideas.

The shelves for wine and liquor, as well as the bar itself, can be purchased or made. You might want to design the bar around a small fridge or cooler tucked under the serving side of your bar to avoid taking up additional square footage in the shed.


If your bar dreams contain a mini fridge, icemaker,  and blender for frozen margaritas, you are going to need power. Before you get started, consult an electrician on the resources available in your backyard. Depending on the type of exterior power outlets you already have, you might need to trench in extra power.