Spring is in the air, and the energy and inspiration that comes this time of year may have you thinking about all of the potential in remodeling parts of your home.

It can be exciting to think about improving your curb appeal with new paint or siding or adding a luxurious and modern touch to your bathroom. Or maybe your dream is to do a major kitchen remodel since that’s where you and your guests will spend a lot of time.

Whatever projects you decide to tackle, it’s always good to be thinking about the value they will add to your home. While local markets will vary, here are some of the home remodeling projects that can recoup part or possibly all of your investment at the sale.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are one of the most frequented rooms in the house. There are basically two categories of a bathroom remodel – minor and major.

In a minor bathroom remodel, you work to update surfaces and make it look as nice as possible while trying to keep costs down. This could include new fixtures like a new bathtub, but can also include making old things new again by resurfacing, etc. Bathrooms remodeled this way can be beautiful and look just about brand new.

In a major bathroom remodel, things get expanded and moved around. If you need more space in your bathroom this is the route you’ll want to take. You may take part of a closet out, for example, and use that space to create a larger master bathroom.

The sky is really the limit in terms of how much you want to spend on either type of bathroom remodel. Just remember, if you’re planning to sell rather than stay long term in your home you’ll want to factor in the cost and return on investment as a greater consideration.

Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is probably the centerpiece of your home. Most modern home floor plans have a kitchen/living area that is open and connects. Whether yours is a modern open style or not, your kitchen likely gets a lot of traffic from the time feet start hitting the floor in the morning to the time everyone goes to bed. Remodeling your kitchen can easily make it more inviting, inspiring and comfortable. Just like with bathroom remodels, kitchens can undergo a minor or major remodel.

In a minor kitchen remodel, you won’t alter the floor plan and you will update it cosmetically. According to HGTV, a $15,000 kitchen update covers 30 feet of refacing for cabinets and drawers, new wall oven, cooktop, sink and fixtures, laminate countertops and resilient flooring.

In a major kitchen remodel, you will be replacing pretty much everything. This can make your kitchen fancy and can be quite expensive. Depending on how much your home has gone up in value this can be worth it.

Adding a Deck, Patio or Porch

Does your home have a nice outdoor space? Don’t neglect this part of your home’s value. Adding a new deck or patio can increase the appeal and you may be able to recoup a good percent of the cost when you sell. Plus, if you’re going to stay there for any amount of time, who wouldn’t want a nice place to sit outside on a beautiful day?

Improving the Exterior of Your Home

The exterior of your home particularly the front is the first thing someone sees when they drive up. Right now you may be thinking of your guests or how you feel driving home at the end of the day, but you should also keep in mind that this is a buyer’s first impression if you are selling your home.

Don’t forget to look at things like siding, the front door, trim and landscaping. A home’s curb appeal can be greatly improved by simple upgrades like paint and a new door or getting more creative with stone finishes. Adding some upgraded exterior lighting fixtures for a finishing touch.

Replacing Your Windows

The last area of your home we’re going to focus on is upgrading your windows, which is both cosmetic and functional. You may not think often about your windows, but if they’re old they could be inefficient and causing you to pay higher power bills. Besides the money factor, older windows many no have the sound blocking qualities of new higher grade windows and depending on your particular windows, they may have spots or have become cloudy and hard to see out of. Replacing your windows can go a long way towards upgrading your home and making it more efficient and modern.

Are you inspired yet? If you are, give McDonough Construction a call. We do home remodeling in the Lakeland/ Polk County area and can offer licensed professionals with years of expertise. We also give free quotes, so if you’re wanting to get your feet wet and test out the waters of home remodeling contact us for a free consultation!