With much of our focus now on wellness, healthy eating, and meditation, the bathroom is becoming more of a sanctuary. More and more people are adding free-standing and soaking tubs. Taking baths is becoming more popular instead of a quick shower. Experts predict homeowners will experiment with color, texture, and materials as they rethink their bathroom’s aesthetic. Expect to see a mix of transitional and contemporary styles with some unexpected twists, and a whole lot of technology to make your morning self-care routine a little more streamlined. Let’s take a look at more beautiful things happening in bathrooms in 2018.


We love this trend so much that we have already devoted time to uncovering ways you can use it all over your home. The bathroom is actually the perfect place to sample the concrete craze. From polished countertops to soaking tubs, this easy-to-mold composite is durable and sophisticated, and pairs well with marble and wood.

Concrete has become one of my favorite building materials since it reflects a large trend toward organic and naturally inspired materials. The imperfections create depth and character to surfaces and it can be warm or cool and mixed easily with organic materials like seashells, quartz, and stone.

Funky Wallpaper

Not the goofy floral kind of wallpaper you had in your bedroom in the ’70s and ’80s. Today’s wallpaper is cool, inviting, and visually intricate. It’s making a big comeback in living spaces and bedrooms this year, so let’s add it to the bathroom! If wallpaper is a little too much for your taste, consider a more durable, practical alternative like ceramic tile that’s manufactured to look like wallpaper.

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