Architectural Elements to Save During Renovation

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Remodels

Older homes boast plenty of charm and character. However, they may also be prone to outdated features and layouts. Is it possible to incorporate modern comforts into an older home while still maintaining its mature feel?

The following features are some distinct architectural details that you should leave intact to preserve your home’s historic charm.


This design feature can often be taken for granted. Molding, especially on walls, is often seen as a traditional design element. However, there are so many ways to paint and accent it in order to make your home stand out!

Also, these elements in older homes are often made from high-quality materials that can add value to your home.

Exposed brick

More and more renovations on HGTV and popular home improvement blog sites are featuring guides on how to strip your drywall to expose your home’s original brick.

Brick can also be accented to complement many design styles. Original red-brick pairs well with an industrial style. By whitewashing your brick, you can incorporate rustic farmhouse elements into your space. Overall, exposed brick adds a focal point and texture to your home.


It is very difficult and expensive to replicate the character in a home’s exterior such as columns, siding, and trim work.

Most importantly, your home’s columns are the structural integrity of your home. If you absolutely wish to get rid of them, at least investigate how your home would be affected upon their removal.


Built-in bookcases and window seats are a hot commodity that gives you several options for decorating your space, as well as storage options.

Since these features are tailored to the home’s specific measurements, they are special and unique to the home and should be preserved.

Stained glass

Original stained glass is extremely rare and valuable. By keeping this feature, you will automatically have a leg up on other home sellers should you chose to part with your home later down the road.

Stained glass leaves quite the impression and has been a decorative material in architecture for centuries.


The desirability in fireplaces has dramatically increased due to a surge in design trends. Even here in Florida, homebuyers are rushing to preserve their homes old, unused fireplaces.

Since the main function of a fireplace is to generate heat, they automatically apply a sense of coziness and warmth into your space.

Current design trends have been taking unusable fireplaces and using them as an aesthetic focal point. This is done by removing the grate, painting or tiling the back of the fireplace, and inserting candles and other decorative items where firewood would normally go.