How to Add Color to a Room Without Going Overboard

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Additions, New Construction, Remodels

The home decor experts have spoken: Brilliant color is in for 2018. Although neutral interiors have been trending for a time, this new move to embrace vivid colors in the home can’t come at a better time. So what are the best ways to add color without making your home look like a Technicolor mess? It’s all about accessories and accents!

Reupholster Something

Why run out and buy new furniture, when you can take something old and add color to it with new upholstery? Find some vibrant fabric you love and re-cover an armchair, loveseat, ottoman, or dining chairs. As for color selection try rich jewel tones, as they’re hot this year.

Add Self-Adhesive Wallpaper to your Furniture or Cupboards

Use temporary wallpaper on dresser drawers or other furniture with flat surfaces. Try a retro yet modern pattern called “Hojas Cubanas” from Tempaper to really spice up your furniture.

Love Your Ceiling

Don’t forget the ceiling! While a brightly colored wall might be a bit too brash, a painted ceiling isn’t going to disrupt the balance of the room. Using a luminescent blue on ceilings in rooms that have few windows really lightens and brightens the area.

Hang Colorful Artwork

Art can make a huge difference in an otherwise neutral room. Colorful art pieces have eye-catching designs and will be a bold contrast every time. Art is the perfect way to incorporate beautiful hues into your otherwise neutral space.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you went for an all-white kitchen before you got the memo that colorful is now the thing, fear not. A great way to incorporate color into your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. As long as your existing appliances and countertops are in neutral stainless steel, black, or white, any color you decide to go with will look great.