8 Inexpensive Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Additions, New Construction, Remodels

It’s no secret that neutral kitchens continue to reign, with classic white, basic beige, and 50 shades of gray leading the pack. People love them because they are timeless, look sleek, and can match most decor styles. However, after so many years of neutrals, you may what to change things up.

A Pop of Paint

Painting your whole kitchen is a big investment, both in terms of time and money. Instead, consider a new coat only on your island, your lower kitchen cabinets, or a buffet table. A painted buffet table in a bright color is a fun addition to an all-white or neutral kitchen, especially if you use spray paint.

Tea Towels and Lamps

You might be surprised by how even the smallest touches can make a big impact. A set of new dish towels is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to pump some color into an otherwise monotone room. Consider adding a small lamp in a bright hue on the kitchen counter just make sure it’s about 18 inches high if you want it to fit under the upper cabinet.

Fresh Flowers or Fruit

The kitchen is an ideal spot for a pitcher of fresh flowers because you spend so much of your life in this room. You could also choose simple greenery to perk up a neutral kitchen. A display of fruits, veggies, and even nuts can bring in fun shades and the best part is you’ll actually use up this color pop.

Chairs and Window Treatments

Depending on the fabric you select, upholstered bar stools and kitchen chair cushions can add surprising texture and color to an otherwise dull kitchen. You can also work bright shades into window treatments, but don’t forget the grime factor: Traditional draperies can get dirty in the kitchen, so opt for valances or board-mounted curtains over those that fall to the floor.

Dishes and Glassware

If you have open shelves they are meant to be filled with colorful pieces including chunky lime tumblers, polka-dotted cereal bowls, or colored stemware. However, this idea isn’t just for open shelving, if you have glass-front cabinets, you can show off some color here too. It’s fun to see a hint of color peeking out from glass-front cabinets, but in each case, limit the look to a few pieces so you won’t have to keep it super organized.

Bright Rugs

An oversize rug is your color ticket in mostly neutral kitchens. If you are into a bolder look, traditional patterns in unusual colors, overdyes, or a patchwork pattern.

Small Appliances

It turns out, that infusion of color you’re seeking might just be hiding in the pantry. Pull out that coral dutch oven, the cobalt blue teapot, or your Gen Z yellow standing mixer, and display it on the counter.

Knobs and Pulls

A fun way to add subtle color throughout most of your kitchen space is by changing out your drawer pulls and knobs to ones in a single bright color. Swap them out in an hour’s time, and your kitchen might just feel brand new.