Is the all-white kitchen on its way out? Numerous designers are forecasting that the sterile surgical room feel that an all-white kitchen gives off is what is killing this design trend. People are going with more warmth and color in their kitchens.

So if you are nervously looking over at your all-white kitchen, don’t worry. Some white is cool and classic. Just don’t overdo it.

Let it Flow

One of the best ways to make your white kitchen work is to choose complementary finishes that marry with the surrounding spaces. This will create a more cohesive look. For example, if you have a nearby fireplace with marble tile in the great room, choose that look for your kitchen countertops.

Darker Floors

The best way to tone down a bright white kitchen is to create contrast. If you have the funds, focus on your flooring and furniture. Dark wood looks great with white cabinetry, especially if you continue it to other areas of your home for a more pulled-together feel.

Blend Shades of White & Gray

There is no denying that white can brighten any kitchen, particularly small ones. However, gradations of white are important in this space, so it doesn’t end up looking like the surgical ward. Pair your light-colored cabinets and counters with shades of white such as cream and gray and then add a little black for dimension.

Add Texture

An animal-print rug, whitewashed brick, and a rustic table all add visual interest to an otherwise mostly white kitchen. You really need to incorporate texture into this room and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Throw in some pops of color along with glass and ceramic accessories to add depth and show character. Don’t forget things like floral arrangements because these add color and texture without being dramatic.

Make Appliances Pop

After a lifetime of stainless-steel appliances, many homeowners are turning to colorful appliances and a white kitchen allows these hues to become accents or focal points. Manufactures are leaning into the demand for these coveted pops of color.

Brighten your Island

Along with flooring and appliances, kitchen islands can add some zing to a potentially dull white kitchen. Without a colorful island to draw the eye into the space, there would be nothing interesting to look at. Consider gray, brown, or dark blue for your island, with white cabinets on the perimeter.

Pump up the Backsplash & Counters

Another element that will hold your interest in a white kitchen is a lightly toned countertop. Grey-veined quartz services to break up the white monotony, and gives the homeowner a little grace on housekeeping because it won’t show every mark or fingerprint.