It’s official, school is out and the heat has returned. Summer is here; there is no doubt about it and all you want to do is head north or to the beach to cool off and relax. However, before you lather up in sunscreen, here are 7 home maintenance tasks you should complete this month to ensure your home runs smoothly all summer long.

Check Your AC

There is nothing worse than a broken air conditioner in the middle of Florida Summer. Make sure to test your AC for 30 minutes and make sure it’s cooling properly. To extend the life of your AC, adjust your thermostat by only 2-3 degrees at a time. If anything seems off, call a professional HVAC company. You will spend between $100 and $250 for service, which includes cleaning the condenser and lubricating the fan motor. When the Florida sun and bearing down on your house you will see this as money well spent.

Stop Mold Before It Starts

The Florida drought is no more. June has brought several heavy thunderstorms and soon our drought will officially be over. However, all that heat and moisture can wreak havoc on a home. Luckily, there is an easy trick to keep mold at bay. Lower your thermostat. Some Florida homeowners try to save a little money on cooling by keeping their house at a warmer temperature. The cost saving on the power bill could quickly become eclipsed by the cost of your mold problem.

Also, avoid leaving your AC fan in the “on” position, instead use the “auto” setting. This can cause rapid mold growth. If your fan is running continuously, then any moisture that is condensed on your AC’s evaporator coil, during cooling, doesn’t have a chance to drain off.

Prime the Pool

Test your pool’s pH levels often to keep the chemicals balanced and your pool safe for swimming. Run the pump daily, one hour for every 10 degrees of heat in the water is a good tip so you can avoid a green pool. If you forget and come home to your own personal Florida swamp, drop by your local pool supply company with a sample of your pool water and they will tell you exactly how to get it sparkling blue again!

Exterminate Pests

Warm weather draws out all the creepy-crawlies and all the rain drives them into your house. However, you can give summer bugs the boot by following some of these ideas:

  • Trimming the shrubs or bushes that touch your house
  • Switch mercury vapor outdoor light bulbs with yellow sodium vapor, which are less attractive to insects
  • Weed thick vegetation and pick ripe fruits and veggies as soon as they are ready
  • Keep bird feeders at least 25 feet from your home, because spilled seeds can attract rodents
  • Eliminate all standing water to stop mosquitoes before they hatch

Service Your Sprinklers

By servicing your yard’s irrigation system, it can save you water and money. Doing so can also prevent damage to your landscaping and reduce standing water. Make sure your sprinklers are programmed to follow any local water rationing regulations and program your system to optimal summer use settings to keep the landscaping looking fresh. 

Keep your Fridge Cool

Your refrigerator is most vulnerable in the summer heat. To keep them running smoothly, clean condenser coils and be sure to remove dirt, pet hair, and any  food that is lodged in the compressor. You can make the job easier by using a vacuum and coil brush.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up

Use compressed air or a leaf blower to clear grass, dirt, and debris that have accumulated in your riding lawn mower. Drain old fuel into an approved gasoline can, and follow hazardous waste disposal regulations to get rid of it. Then, change your oil and filter. Let your mower run for a little bit before getting started. If you have a foam air filter, clean it with soap and water, and make sure it’s dry before reinstalling. Finally, change the spark plugs. This is a simple but crucial task that will help the mower start smoother and run more efficiently.