With kids running in every direction keeping a house in order is a daily struggle. Especially when your little one is blissfully unaware of the havoc that sticky juice, sidewalk chalk, mud, and so many other things that can wreak your couch, rugs, and your sanity.

However, it turns out you don’t have to cover your entire home in plastic sheets. You can keep the luxe factor in your home even during your kids’ most destructive phases.

Choose Dark, Patterned Rugs

When in doubt go darker. The rationale here is that the darker the rug the less of a mess it will look. Meanign if you go with a lighter rug you will see every stain on it. A nice dark pattern can conceal all manner of sins and makes for easier cleaning.

Embrace Easy-To-Clean Fabrics

The fabric genies making textiles today understand what it means to have children. New weaves such as solution-dyed acrylic are colorsafe and cleanable with bleach water. This doesn’t have to be stiff outdoor fabic, either. Many people love fabrics made by Perennials but another good brand to look for is Crypton. Think kryptonite! It is soft, beautiful, and indestructable! People can literally wipe red wine off of white Crypton fabric without a trace left.

Reconsider Leather

If you have been avoiding leather becasue it is too luxe and your kids will definitly ruin it, fear no more. For an easy-to-clean option, consider leather dining chairs, sofas, or accent seating. Most high quality leathers simply wipe clean.

Upholstered Ottomans

This option will have your home looking enviably chic and keep you from worrying about your coffee table’s dangerous coners. Upholstered ottomans can appear so luxurios and are safe for your kids. If your room is on the larger side, choose a few smaller ottomans and group them in front of your main seating area to mimic the look and feel of a large coffee table.

Rustic Look

Kids are going to scratch the furniture one way or another. If you go for that rustic worn look you are beating them to the punch and all those little scratches they add will never be noticed, since it issupposed to looked scratched.

Take Advantage of Built-Ins

It is nearly impossible to contain all of your kids stuff in their bedrooms, regaurdles ofhow big they are. To control the chaos, consider built-ins, while closed storage at the bottom can hold board games, dolls, and other toys.