5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Additions, New Construction, Remodels

The average bathroom remodels costs upwards of $18,000 and that can go up or down depending on what materials you use and how big your bathroom is. However, if you don’t have $18,000 laying around there are still ways you can achieve a luxurious bathroom.

Get Creative With Tile

Now, this does not necessarily mean buying the most unique tile out there. If you get a simple tile and have it laid diagonally this will not only open up the space but it will make your bathroom look more luxurious. In an interview with, Kevin Sawyers a San Francisco based founder of Sawyers Design states that “material selections are very important, but how you use specific materials is paramount.”

Classy Containers

One easy way to class up a space is to get rid of all the things that make it look cheap. So we recommend rehoming all of your drugs and toiletries into nice mason jars, glass bottles, etc. Something to get rid of the ugly branding in the bathroom.

Think Expensive But Spend Less

Copper and brass have made a comeback in a big way because they add warmth and elegance to a space. In an interview with, Cecile Starin a San Francisco designer said: “The gold of yesteryear, which had a more greenish base, looks dated now… but fixtures in brushed gold in sleek shapes look warmer, new, and fresh.” In order to achieve this look with out spending a ton is to get metallic accent pieces like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, trash cans, and bowls. They will add the same effect without costing nearly as much.

Oversized Wall Pieces

Another great way to add luxury to your bathroom is to choose a large mirror with an interesting style or shape. An over sized mirror that extends all the way to the ceiling is a great way to make a statement and add some drama. If you have the wall space, another good addition is some oversized artwork. Just be sure that the artwork is framed correctly to prevent moisture from getting in.

Upscale Shower Curtains

An easy way to class up the bathroom is to change out your shower curtains. However, shower curtains can often look cheap, so we suggest looking at regular curtains meant for a bedroom. There are more styles and they are made with a better material so they will add a luxe factor to your bathroom.