5 Landscaping Mistakes Neighbors Hate

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Additions, New Construction, Remodels

Your neighbors couldn’t care less about what you keep on the mantel above your fireplace. Likewise, they wouldn’t expect you to check with them before you pick out new paint for your bathroom. However, your yard is a different matter. What upsets neighbors the most isn’t interpersonal it’s property decisions that affect the neighborhood. Even though it is technically your property, your neighbors are still going to care about your yard since they can see it. So here are some landscaping mistakes to avoid so your neighbors won’t lose their minds.


In an attempt to save water, some people transform their front yard or garden into a rockscape. It is a well-intentions gesture, but if lots of rocks don’t fit your natural climate, these dry landscapes can become a heated neighborhood topic. For example, in Los Angeles, gravelscaping can amplify heat throughout the city and increase run-off, making neighborhood properties less comfortable. Since rocks don’t absorb water, a gravelscaped yard shed extra water. So in Florida, this is a major no-no.

Taking Down Trees

If you try to chop down a mature tree on your property, your neighbors will surely not be happy. Trees cool properties and neighborhoods. Plus they increase property values for homeowners and the entire neighborhood. People simply grow very attached to their trees.

Water Overload

As much rain as Florida gets in the summer we do go through some pretty intense periods of drought. So maybe during these times, you should no put in a koi pond of elaborate water feature. You also don’t want to get caught watering the sidewalk. Even if you aren’t trying to create another Florida Waterpark, beware of the vibes your yard is giving off.

Letting Your Landscape Grow Wild

If you live in a rural area with large properties, no one may notice if you give up on your yard. However, if you live in a residential development, your neighbors will complain. Whatever landscaping you have, stay on top of it. Don’t let your bushes overtake your house.

Excessive Holiday Decorating

Amazingly bright lights that shine into nearby homes, music your neighbors can hear with the doors closed, and that realistic reproduction of the creepy clown from “It” cracks you up, but isn’t such a hit with the young kids next door. All of these things and many more will have your neighbors knocking at your door. Also, if your decorations attract a steady flow of admirers, make sure you have a plan to keep them off your neighbor’s lawn and turning it into a parking lot. On top of that, all that traffic can make it difficult to get in and out of your neighborhood and that certainly won’t make your neighbors happy.