A home with a gorgeous yard isn’t just easy on the eyes! Well-landscaped homes also sell for more money, but you don’t need to spring for a professional service. These cheap tricks will make your lawn look lush and rake in cash later.  In fact, well-landscaped homes sell for 5.5% to 12.7% more! First impressions mean everything when it comes to selling your home. So if you want to get top dollar you have to make a good first impression and an easy way to do that is by upgrading your curb appeal. Here are 5 tips that will help you get more money when selling your house.

Install Drought-Tolerant Plants

invest in some easy-care, drought-tolerant plants such as coneflowers, lantanas, or yarrows. Their ability to survive in dry conditions and need minimal need for water can be nice selling points to home buyers. Also, many landscaping experts suggest using naturally occurring plants in your area. Plus, this will keep your yard looking nice year-round!

Use Gravel or Granite

Instead of concrete, try a cheaper more natural looking alternative! Pea gravel will run around $30 per cubic yard. Versus concrete will cost $98 per cubic yard.

Buy Plants in Bulk

By choosing 3 varieties of plants for your garden instead of 10, you can buy in bulk and often save money. This will also give your landscaping more unity versus looking like a jungle.

Brighten Up Outdoor Lighting

Many home buyers schedule viewings in the evening since they work during the day. By having your home lit up at night and in the evening it increases the curb appeal of the home.

Hire a Landscaper … for Free

Landscape architects typically charge $70 to $150 an hour. However, many local garden centers provide landscaping consultations for free if you buy plants from them. That way you can get the advice you need from a professional and get flowers and other plants.