Tons of today’s homeowners crave neutral-colored kitchens with white, wood, or gray tones throughout. From cabinets and countertops to backsplashes and walls, white and gray kitchen products have reigned supreme. But, all-neutral kitchens can also come off as too plain. To spice up the space, we recommend following these ideas to add some personality.

Feature a Patterned Tile

Adding a patterned tile to your neutral kitchen can give it color and personality. This blue-and-white tile pops against soft gray cabinets, white countertops, and dramatic wood ceiling beams. Gold fixtures and cabinet pulls further liven up the space.

Paint a Bold Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall is one of the simpler ways to add personality to a neutral kitchen. To get enough impact, choose a color that pairs well with, but still stands apart from, the other finishes in your kitchen.

Go for Gold

A little bling goes a long way, especially in the kitchen. Adding gold accents in the form of cabinet pulls or bar stools can give a luxe look to the plainest kitchen. The three pendants over this kitchen island bring in an energizing dose of gold.