4 Things to Look For in a New Construction Home

by | Oct 22, 2020 | New Construction

Purchasing a new construction home may seem like a more ideal purchase than an older home.

Everything is brand new, will presumably last you a while, and you do not have to worry about any hidden surprises.

That is not always the case. Just because a home is brand new does not mean it will not have its flaws.

Before embarking on your new construction home journey, make sure to watch out for these items:


This almost goes without saying, but you would be surprised at how some home buyers overlook this assuming all new construction is structurally sound.

If you are not personally working with the builder through every step of the build, this especially applies to you.

Many home buyers find a new construction home after the fact. Ask for the floor plan and the materials used. Make sure you have a home inspection performed and pay close attention to the foundation.


Just because a builder has a large following in your community does not always mean they may be the best of the best.

Many builders become so popular, their demand increases, and sometimes they start focusing on quantity over quality.

This is not always the case, but we have seen it happen.

This is why it is recommended to work with a contractor from start to finish.

Read our tips on how to pick the right contractor for the job.

Possible upgrades

When putting together your design plan, ask about possible upgrades and design elements that can be added to a standard package.

Some of these items may be worth the extra price because it will cost you more money down the road to add them in later at full price.

A warranty

Just like when buying a brand-new car, builders may include a first-year warranty with your house.

Confirm any added perks and bonuses they have available.

Your Real Estate agent should also be able to confirm these items with the builder, so be sure your agent is familiar with new construction transactions as well.