It is easy to fall into the trap of buying all new furniture from the store. However, there is a cheaper and more creative option out there. Everyone wants that one-of-a-kind furniture piece that sets your home apart from the cookie-cutter houses. So instead of throwing away an old stool, table, or chest of drawers, you can repurpose those pieces to give them new life. Plus this helps keep these items out of the landfill and therefore keeps our Earth happy. With a few tools, some paint, and lots of DIY, you will have a new piece of furniture in no time.

Old Door Turned Headboard

By turning down that custom headboard you are going to save buckets of cash. By getting 2 reclaimed barn doors bracketed to the wall, or even just a few planks, lined up and nailed in can add the rustic charm you were looking for in minutes.

What is the old wood smells weird? You can usually remove the offending odor by placing baking soda sachets or rolled up newspaper on the piece you plan to use for about a week. If the odor still won’t go away, set it out in the Florida sun for a few hours and that should do the trick.

Crib Springs Turned Bulletin Board

Of course, you can’t put you children in an old crib that you picked up from the flea market but you can turn it into a cute bulletin board. An old crib might sell for as little as $30 and can be transformed in under 30 minutes. By using bolt or wire cutters to remove the spring from the bottom of the crib, sand down any sharp bits that stick out, and then attach it to the wall. Clip on permission slips, recipes, and fun photos.

French Door Turned Picture Frame

This project is incredibly easy. All you have to do is find an old french door or hutch door. Add some paint and stick pictures to the inside of the windows. You can normally pick up an old door at a garage sale for around $20.