From new cabinets in the kitchen to a better carpet in the dining room, every homeowner longs to redo some portion of their house. But life (and your bank account) tends to get in the way, so you just let that rug lie and you move on.

But instead of trying to rehab a room in a big way, employing small, offbeat tweaks might beat your best bet. A quick splash of paint, a new fabric, or simply shifting that big couch from one wall to another might be all you need to achieve a fresh, fun look.

Just be sure to go beyond swapping out throw pillows and consider something more unusual with your home decor. To help, we polled the pros to come up with 10 upgrades that’ll wow your friends and family.

Paint an Interior Door

Who says your closet door color has to match the trim? Most homeowners save that bright red of blue for the front door and slap boring beige on the inside, but experts say painting an interior door is a fast upgrade for any room.

A shot of color adds freshness and energy to a room, s put it here or try bright paint on the inside of a bookcase. Other smart spots for a coat of paint include window frames or moldings, or a thin stripe around the edge of a room near the top of the wall. This will add interest and give the effect of a heightened ceiling.

Create a Gallery Wall

Go overboard with your artwork and group it together for maximum impact. Combine objects like plates, fans, fabrics, and mementos from past trips, and hang it floor to ceiling, close together. Or change the framing. Swap wood frames for brass for a more formal look, or mix and match frames for different colors.

Add a Bit of Wallpaper

A kitchen island swathed in white is an expected move, but hanging fabulous wallpaper on the side that faces out is decidedly not. You can also apply a small piece of wallpaper to a dishwasher front by cutting it to size and securing it with four strong magnets.

Swamp Lampshades

Back in the day, people used to change out lampshades in summer and winter. But while this practice is pretty much kaput, you can still make the swap in your living room. Consider patterned fabric shades or trimming the edges of paper shades with ribbon or even drawing or painting shades yourself with stripes or flowers.

Layer Your Rugs

A new rug is pricey, but adding one on top of the other is simply smart. You’re combining your resources and giving the room a lift, too. Layering smaller rugs over a large sisal or neutral carpet is a favorite decorator trick.

Apply Some Upholstery

A little fabric can go a long way, especially if you put it where it’s least expected. Contrasting upholstery adds flair to dining or living room chairs. You can also paint your plain wood chairs.

Change the Room’s Purpose

Flipping a room’s functionality takes just a few hours and it’s free. Turn a bedroom into an office or reading space, or create a bar out of a small closet. Or switch tables and chairs from room to room, or redo the whole layout.

Hang Tassels and Trim

Considering their small scale, trims and tassels add a lot of impacts. Some pieces can be expensive, so use them wisely. Ideas to try: Add trim to a pillow’s edge, or fringe at the bottom of a chair or sofa.

Bring in the Green

A bathroom shelf or kitchen window sill is brought to life by a pretty row of succulents and cacti. Just about any type of greenery or cut flowers add a fresh feeling to your rooms.

Install a New Shower Curtain

A funky shower curtain is usually inexpensive, and it’ll keep people talking every time they use your loo. Other bathroom upgrades might include new hardware on the cabinetry (all you need is a screwdriver) or decorating the ceiling.