7 Timeless Kitchen Designs

Is the all-white kitchen on its way out? Numerous designers are forecasting that the sterile surgical room feel that an all-white kitchen gives off is what is killing this design trend. People are going with more warmth and color in their kitchens.

So if you are nervously looking over at your all-white kitchen, don’t worry. Some white is cool and classic. Just don’t overdo it.

Let it Flow

One of the best ways to make your white kitchen work is to choose complementary finishes that marry with the surrounding spaces. This will create a more cohesive look. For example, if you have a nearby fireplace with marble tile in the great room, choose that look for your kitchen countertops.

Darker Floors

The best way to tone down a bright white kitchen is to create contrast. If you have the funds, focus on your flooring and furniture. Dark wood looks great with white cabinetry, especially if you continue it to other areas of your home for a more pulled-together feel.

Blend Shades of White & Gray

There is no denying that white can brighten any kitchen, particularly small ones. However, gradations of white are important in this space, so it doesn’t end up looking like the surgical ward. Pair your light-colored cabinets and counters with shades of white such as cream and gray and then add a little black for dimension.

Add Texture

An animal-print rug, whitewashed brick, and a rustic table all add visual interest to an otherwise mostly white kitchen. You really need to incorporate texture into this room and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Throw in some pops of color along with glass and ceramic accessories to add depth and show character. Don’t forget things like floral arrangements because these add color and texture without being dramatic.

Make Appliances Pop

After a lifetime of stainless-steel appliances, many homeowners are turning to colorful appliances and a white kitchen allows these hues to become accents or focal points. Manufactures are leaning into the demand for these coveted pops of color.

Brighten your Island

Along with flooring and appliances, kitchen islands can add some zing to a potentially dull white kitchen. Without a colorful island to draw the eye into the space, there would be nothing interesting to look at. Consider gray, brown, or dark blue for your island, with white cabinets on the perimeter.

Pump up the Backsplash & Counters

Another element that will hold your interest in a white kitchen is a lightly toned countertop. Grey-veined quartz services to break up the white monotony, and gives the homeowner a little grace on housekeeping because it won’t show every mark or fingerprint.


Jewel Tones: Decorating Tips

After several years of grays and beige filling our homes more and more homeowners are allowing color back into their homes. 2018 has been predicted to be the year where jewel tones will reign supreme in home design. These bold hues like deep sapphire and regal purples can transform a room from a boring vanilla box to a lusciously rich space you never want to leave.

Designers and manufacturers are taking their cues from a shift in demand. For example, Sherwin-Williams named Oceanside SW 6496 as their 2018 color of the year. While you may be thinking that these intense colors may overpower your decor, however, jewel tone will work for just about anyone. When decorating with jewel tones, you are not limited to how you use them. They can be found in paint colors, upholstery, tile, area rugs, or accessories, it all depends on how bold you want to go.

In The Kitchen

You don’t have to gut your entire kitchen and install purple cabinetry and a teal island to get converted to the jewel-tone look. You can go bold with some easy touches by adding colorful tiles, a fresh coat of paint or a bold wallpaper to give your kitchen a nice dose of flair. The best thing about any of these methods is that you can control just how much color is being used. The entire kitchen backsplash can be a bold sapphire tile, or you can strategically use that tile for a small section behind the range, and the rest can be neutral.

In The Living Room

If you’re looking to brighten up your entire living room, a signature piece of furniture in a jewel should do the trick. Even though the jewel tones are often bold, they can work really well on an anchor piece in a living room. Specifically, an emerald green sofa in an otherwise muted space can be visually stunning.

In The Bathroom

Of all the spots in your home, the bathroom is the one where you can feel free to go crazy with color. You can incorporate jewel tones with paint or wallpaper and even vibrant floor tiles. Especially in powder rooms, where you can amp up the drama because of how small the space is. A fun floor tile is a great conversation piece and an unexpected use for a brightly colored floor tile. It looks fresh, unexpected, and gorgeous on cabinets when done correctly.

In The Bedroom

Beds, headboards, and even window treatments are great bedroom opportunities for bold jewel tones you might not use in other parts of the house. For a lot of people, the master bedroom is their sanctuary, so this will give a luxe feel to the space. Try an upholstered bed or headboard in a rich jewel-tone fabric. You could also try a jewel-tone bench or pair of vibrant lounge chairs. This will give that great pop of color without being too overwhelming.


What is the ROI on Hardwood Floors

The beauty of hardwood floors is that they are durable, easy to clean and they look amazing. However, if you are planning on moving soon will they give you a good return on investment? Most Real Estate Professionals would agree that this type of flooring is highly coveted by buyers and that they almost expect hardwood floors. Buyers typically want things that are move-in ready so if the floors are done that is one less thing they have to do.

Good Return On Investment

Besides being an attractive amenity for potential home buyers, hardwood floors have proven to really pay off for the homeowners. On average a homeowner can expect a 70%-80% return on investment from hardwood floors. Which adds about 2.5% to the sales price. With the correct installation, proper maintenance, and refinishing, hardwood floors have the longest lifespan compared to other flooring materials.

What’s The Cost?

Installing hardwood floors is not an easy feat. The average cost for popular woods like oak, maple, walnut, or cherry is around $5 to $10 per square foot, plus installation costs. However, experts will tell you that this expense is well worth it. While this may seem a bit pricey for an initial investment, you have to take into consideration that these floors can outlive you. They will also increase the market value of your home quite a bit.

Less Expensive, Similar Payoff

Faux hardwood floors still give the look and feel of the real thing and they are much less expensive. Plus they are also engineered to withstand more wear and tear. The physical cost of faux versus real hardwood varies depending on the species of wood, but where you will really see a difference in price is installation. Faux hardwood is easier to install and can really be done by anyone, while real hardwood should be installed only by professionals.


Home Features Proven to Pay Off

Renovating your home with the right features can not only recoup the cost, it can help you sell your home much faster. Which means a quick transition into your dream home. So in order to sell your home fast check out this list of features that new home buyers are looking for.

  • Smart home features like smart thermostats, refrigerators, and locks
  • Finished Basements
  • Patios
  • Walk-in Closets
  • Granite Countertops
  • Eat-in Kitchens
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Open Kitchens
  • Front Porches
  • Dining Rooms
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Two-Car Garage
  • Fireplaces
  • Security Systems


Homes with smart home tech typically sold within 80 days on the market at an average listing price of $575,000 and after 2 years the property appreciated 82.6%. Energy star appliances and security system homes typically sold within 124 days at a listing price of $330,000. So as you can see people are willing to pay for these features because they promote easy-living and convenience.


Granite countertops, hardwood floors, and fireplaces are all things home buyers swoon over and they all decrease the days your house will sit on the market. Just about everywhere in the county, you will find people updating their kitchen countertops and adding hardwood floors to increase the likability of their homes. Don’t forget the fireplaces! Not every home has a fireplace but for the ones that do resurface and updating your fireplace would be a great idea.


Florida is known for its spectacular outdoor living so putting money into your outdoor entertaining area is definitely a good idea. Buyers specifically are looking for patio areas, front porches, and two-car garages. More and more homeowners are building firepits making use of their outdoor areas for hosting parties. As for front porches, there has always been something incredibly charming about a front porch that buyers love. Lastly, most Americans own more than one car so naturally, they require at least a two car garage.

Interior Design

If you watch HGTV you have probably heard a few of these buzz words going around such as a walk-in closet, eat-in kitchen, and open kitchen or open concept. These buzz words have definitely earned their place because home buyers everywhere are in love with these design features. Going from a small apartment closet to a huge master suite walk-in closet is surely going to be something no one complains about. You have probably heard the say “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” well that statement could not be truer. More and more home buyers are looking for open concept kitchens to allow for easy entertaining and to keep on eye on the kids. Since everyone always ends up in the kitchen, why not make it bigger?


Aside from the standard kitchen, living room, and master bedroom, there are actually some bonus rooms many homebuyers love. Those include finished basements, laundry rooms, and dining rooms. We here in Florida, unfortunately, don’t have the ability to have basements but we sure do love our laundry rooms and dining rooms. It is incredibly nice to have an entire room dedicated to laundry instead of having to go out to the garage. Plus if you have a dining room imagine all the dinner parties you could have!


Questions To Ask Before a Kitchen Remodel

After putting up with your outdated cabinets and countertops for far too long, you may feel a kitchen remodel is in the near future. A remodel of any kind comes with its fair share of ups and down, so before you commit to several months of construction. From setting your budget to choosing the best time of the year to break ground, making decisions ahead of time can save you precious time and money on the road to the kitchen of your dreams.

How Much Can You Spend?

The amount you can spend on your remodel will let you know the scope of the renovation. Make a list of all the things in your kitchen that don’t work properly or at all, then decide what you need to fix and what you want to replace it with.

Contractor vs DIY

While thinking about your budget, you should also decide if you need to hire a contractor to handle the remodel or do it yourself. Labor is one of the biggest cost elements during a renovation, but some people are able to save money by not having to pay a contractor. Having the time and skills required to source materials and build on your own will mean big savings for you. However, most people do not have the skill set to take on an entire kitchen so it is probably best to seek out a trusted contractor such as McDonough Construction.

Save What You Can

The cost of a full kitchen remodel can range from $25,000 to $65,000. So before you gut your entire kitchen, try to save what you can. So if your cabinets are in decent shape, they are definitely worth keeping. You can simply paint and refinish them to make them look like new.

Purchasing Materials

If you have the help of an interior designer or contractor, the pro can source everything from cabinets to flooring. However, those who are looking to take on this project themselves should visit local warehouses and showrooms to see how materials like countertops look in real life and compare the costs.